General Information screenThis Sydney-based academic writing service is appealing to Aussie students who want to get assistance with their assignments. Although the slider on the homepage is very attractive, it takes a bit of time to load. The website seems cool at first, but lacks some basic elements that would make it easier for the customer to understand what services the company offers. For example, you cannot find any particular services listed when you navigate to the Services page. The flawed pricing system is another serious disadvantage.

Services Offered

If you are the type of person who likes details, Australian Essay Writers services page will massively disappoint you. The company does not go into details about the type of essays they write. With such a company, it is advisable that you first consult the customer support representatives to find out what the limitations of the writers are. Some companies can only manage to write essays up to a certain academic level, so you should make sure that this service is up to your standards prior to hiring it.


Australian Essay Writers charges $26-$39 for an essay of 250 words.

However, unlike other websites that explicitly define their pricing structure according to the level of quality, the number of pages and the urgency of the paper, the pricing structure at is a little confusing. The website only makes use of urgency to determine the prices that one should pay, and completely ignores the length of the paper. Subsequently, a paper that is 250 words long is priced at the same rate as one that is 10,000 words long!

The flawed pricing structure means that either you will be overcharged for a paper that is short or a writer will have to sweat out his brains for a very long paper with very little pay if it needs to be delivered within 28 days.

The pricing model on Australian Essay Writers is clearly an oversight that needs to be fixed.

Discounts and Free Features

Many academic writing websites offer perks to attract new customers and keep existing ones. While most of these companies offer the benefits in terms of monetary discounts on the orders, Australian Essay Writers has discovered a different way to cultivate customer loyalty. The company allows its clients to video call them on Skype, thereby ascertaining of the genuineness of the entire process.

Australian Essay Writers also offers free amendments on all orders and gives a plagiarism-free guarantee. Additionally, the customers can pick the referencing style they want to be used for their papers.

Customer Service and Support

Australian Essay Writers has an average customer support system. Although you can reach them via email and phone, the company doesn’t allow its customers to file official tickets. This can lead to difficulties if you need to follow up on an issue. The company would also benefit a lot from installing Live Chat software on the site.
Overall, Australian Essay Writers is a new company that is still learning the loops of the trade. There are many improvements to be made on the website before the serve can appear more legit.