General Information is a writing service online from Australia. The company promises to deliver only high quality products, as it is working with experienced and proficient writers. The staff claims to always conduct a solid research for each paper.

The website’s design looks good, but there is no Prices page. On the other side, the website contains dozens of pages presenting their services.

Services Offered offers the following types of papers:

  • Assessment help;
  • Research work;
  • Online report writing;
  • Essay writing;
  • Term papers and summaries;
  • Case-study assessment;
  • PowerPoint presentations;
  • Business plans;
  • Thesis.

The company covers an extremely large number of subjects, from all educational fields, including media, religion, law, theater, music, architecture, anthropology, medicine and nursing, sociology and business. pretends to offer premium quality at low prices, but we cannot confirm that, as we don’t know their prices. Honestly, if they would have displayed a list of taxes, the site would have been a lot more credible and attractive.


As stated before, the prices are unknown. Students cannot tell if they can afford the services of this site and they cannot calculate the final sum of their order. In conclusion, the customers have no clue if the company is charging them right or if they are deceived.

We have tried to ask for a price using the live chat. We have provided the subject and the number of words per page, as the agent asked us to. But instead of an answer, the agent told us to submit the order and we will receive a quote from the account department. In the end, we have asked him/her why they don’t have a list of prices on the website. Well, the answer was the same – because they give the quote after the client has submitted the order.

Discounts and Free Features currently offers a 10% discount to its clients. We could have appreciated this offer more, if only we knew the prices.

As for the free features, we didn’t find any, but the agent listed us the following: best price guarantee, quality, and 100% on-time delivery. Well, these are not really free features, but just some basic guarantees.

Anyway, students can find some free samples on the website.

Customer Service Support

One can contact by filling in the contact form from their webpage, or by using the live chat, as we did. We have to admit that we didn’t have to wait – the agent went online immediately and answered our questions (although we didn’t get the answer we wanted).

They have even posted a map on their website. But this is useless, as they didn’t mark the exact location of the company. Customers can only see the map of Sydney, Australia. This is no guarantee that is located there. In fact, it really isn’t. is not located in Australia.

In conclusion, try to stay away from websites that don’t post their prices and that don’t give you clear answers to your questions.