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Authorities launched video footage of the events leading up to the death of a Latino guy in Alameda, California, revealing policemans stooping on the male’s back and also shoulder until he became unresponsive. The video contradicts authorities’ original account of the occurrence.

Mario Gonzalez, a 26-year-old Latino man, died on the early morning of April 19 after what police declared was a ” scuffle” as well as “physical altercation” as they attempted to limit him, followed by a “medical emergency.”

But body video camera footage launched on Tuesday mid-day after an objection from Gonzalez’s family and also the public did disappoint him being violent or dealing with police officers at any kind of factor.

Rather, in the video, policemans came close to Gonzalez, who was standing alone in a park with some bottles of alcohol in a basket. Gonzalez comfortably talked with policemans for almost nine minutes prior to they attempted to place his hands behind his back. Cops pinned him facedown on the ground as well as at least 2 policemans appeared to jump on top of his back, one stooping on his shoulder, for concerning five minutes up until Gonzalez ended up being unresponsive.

Police claimed Gonzalez passed away at the healthcare facility, however the video revealed that he had actually stopped breathing on-site which one police officer declared “no pulse” soon after police officers started CPR.

Three officers involved have been positioned on paid management leave.

In a press conference earlier on Tuesday, participants of Gonzalez’s family, that had actually privately viewed the footage, claimed Gonzalez was “certified and also they continued to pin him down.”

” Alameda policeman killed my sibling Mario,” Gonzalez’s sibling Gerardo said, noting that his sibling was in the park “not bothering anybody” and that “at no factor was he terrible.”

” Every little thing we saw because video was unneeded,” he included. “APD took a tranquil situation as well as made it deadly.”

Cops killed my bro similarly that they eliminated George Floyd,” he claimed.